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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Skies: Light and the Dark

Tucson during storms is just fantastic. Take an already impressive sky (The Orb even did a song about Arizona skies called White Fluffy Clouds) and add the dramatics of a sun battling storm clouds, and you have a beautiful contradiction in your own back yard. I was lucky enough to capture these three shots which show illuminated trees against a moody, electric background:

This one still missed out on some intensity of that yellow sun on the green mesquite leaves:

But this one... I'm quite pleased with this one. And there is the hint of a rainbow towards the left of the palm:

This did a good capture of the light, too:

Now here's how fickle and volatile our skies are. This is the difference a span of 15 minutes can make. Now it looks downright wintery:

Sorry, didn't realize my zoom was still on, haha

It's looking moodier and moodier, and I couldn't be happier. Come on, rain!

I gotta go, Alexandra is wielding a broom.

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