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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Home Improvement

After a lot of deliberation, Todd and I have decided to put in a pool. There's just no way you can live in this climate without one, and quite frankly, after having lived out here for 13 years without ever having one of my own, I say it's high time.

Now, I know they're expensive, but they're worth it, in my opinion. True, there's upkeep, and an increase in the water bill but theoretically, the evaporative cooling has to be worth something too, right?

Anyways, the final deciding factor was Alexandra. She LOVES the pool up and her grandparents' houses, and there is just nothing better than seeing your baby happy. So after some number crunching, head scratching over placement, we've figured out the best pool, the best spot, and the best thing for our back yard!

You can't buy happiness but at 7.49 a pop at Fry's, you can damn well come close to it.

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