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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Craft Night!

Sunday afternoon we went to Charlie and Amber's (that's her blog, check it out!) house for Craft Night and, for the boys, Drink Beer and Play Horseshoes, and, for Jil, Waste Best Friend's Peacock Feathers Making Ugly Hairclips. It was a great time! I had forgotten to get my supplies until we were at C and A's driveway so that's why I turned into Feather Bum.

I'd post a photo of the boys playing horseshoes, but I was too busy drinking wine and gluing my fingers together with a piping hot glue gun. Look, I call myself a crappy crafter for a reason. I crochet scarves, put beads and origami cranes on string, and artfully arrange photographs on my refrigerator, and that's about it.

Please pay attention to my daughter in the foreground who spent most of her time trying to steal baby Max's pacifier. "I remember these! It was heaven, like hands-free thumbsucking! Think of the multi-tasking, a pacifier AND pulling all the DVDs from the entertainment center!"

Little Miss Molly and Hot Mama Amanda! She's five months old, has rubber-band wrists, and excellent style when it comes to hair accessories. In fact, this was Kendra's inspiration for the awesome headband she made.

Our lovely hostess and Mister James, who can fake-cough and blow raspberries simultaneously. He also does a sort of break-dancing caterpillar move instead of crawling. And since Alex did this weird Igor-style butt-scoot leg-pull thing before she crawled, I back the James Caterpillar move 100%, and if I could invest in it I would.

Besties Kendra and Allison with yours truly. Those ladies know how to craft! Kendra is getting married and if I have anything to do with it, Allison is getting a neck replacement. I'm getting tired of re-editing all the typos out of this post!

Summer and Allison, the real craft masters of the night, I have to say. Amber, Michelle and Kendra blew it out of the water also but Summer and Allison just really get into it. They can crank out the hair flowers like nobody's business and if you're interested, you could probably find them here (Summer's) and here (Allison's).

See, I told you boys were there! There's Amber's arm, Michelle's arm, Dwayne's head, Summer's silhouette, Charlie's fightin' face, Kendra's um, head and arm, Todd's ass, and Andy's profile (with a tasty beer in hand). This is the commotion that delicious brats, hotdogs, dove breasts wrapped in bacon, roasted veggies, fruit salad and homemade cupcakes, brownies and smores will create.

Someone's fired up! That's Eric, Allison's husband.

Yay, a post-dinner hug from Craft Masta Summer. And now for the real stars!

Mesmerizing Molly!
 Joyful James!

Um, Alluring Alexandra!

Mad Max! He managed to keep Alex away from his pacifier!

And because nothing says friendship like taking a photo while someone's stuffing their  face, I leave you with John, Amanda's husband, Molly's dad, and destroyer of all things bratwurst. Wash it down with that pinot grigio!


  1. Love it Jilian with one L!!! You have such a way with words and your blog is such a joy to read!!! I love you BFF and keep up the great work!-Al

  2. Haha! A great recap of a fun and successful for some, but not us, craft night!