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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cocktail Hour.

I'm always on the lookout for low calorie recipes, tricks and tips, and that isn't reserved for cooking alone. I thought I'd post about a new little drink Todd came up with, for all the folks out there who appreciate a buzz without an expanding waistline (I personally store decadence in my love handles). Because this bad boy hosts only 103 calories and zero carbs. Yep, you read that right. That's less than a glass of white wine on both counts.

Allow me to introduce you to chocolate vodka:

Oh Vincent, you clever thing. This stuff really does have a remarkable chocolate flavor and aroma. The flavor is still really intense on its own, so of course you'll need a mixer. But who wants to add extra calories? Yeah, me neither. So in comes chocolate vodka's new best friend:

Diet Hansen's make delicious sodas, and their diet cola tastes JUST like real coke without the nasty fake stuff. Well, Hansen's does use Splenda and I know some people get worked up over sucralose, but since we're mixing it with chocolate flavored vodka, I figure we can ease up on old Splenda for the time being.

So now that you've met our players, let's get mixing.

Chocolate Cherry Fizzy
serves one

-1.5oz* chocolate vodka
-1.5oz black cherry diet soda
-3 cubes ice
-A pretty glass

Add all those together and ta-da! Delicious. I was sort of suprised to see how small a shot and a half of vodka looked in our big water glasses, so I figured a cute little high ball glass or juice glass or something would make it look, you know, bigger, but also cuter. If that makes sense. Anyways, I also recommend keeping the vodka/soda ratio pretty close to 1:1 because the flavors compliment each other so well.

Now go get your drink on!

*I used my kitchen scale, but it's basically a shot and a half

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