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Friday, September 9, 2011

Biore! Biore! Biore!

Get ready to rave, baby, because this post is a hands down rave review. I will say that a portion of its success must depend on the climate, because the first time I used a nose strip it was 1998 and I was in England. Granted, the product was relatively new but dude, England has serious moisture, even in Jaunary, and getting the strip to dry took so long I finally just pulled it off, semi-damp with zero results.

But! Now in the desert, and after 13 years, the strips are my nose's BFF. I don't bother with the other strips for the chin or forehead, because they never worked (however I probably last tried them in 2003), but the nose strips... oh, the nose strips.

Once I read in Jane Magazine how this one chick didn't believe in Biore, and I shook my fist in impotent rage over not being able to shake her by the shoulders and scream YOU ARE SO SUPER WRONG. But then I remembered, my nose was clear, hers... not so much.

My only tips: do this directly after the shower, and after you have dried off and made yourself decent (unless you live in a Naked House), re-wet your nose with water that is as hot as you can stand it. I cup the hot water in my hand and basically snorkel in it until I can't stand it anymore. And then, the application, and the anticipatory wait:

That was the Before, and now, after removing the nose strip, the After:


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