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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Garden Flop.

I posted months ago about our garden, and showcased some of the itty bitty veggies it produced. Production has slowed, even though the tomato plant is still giving us a handful of tomatoes every week or so, like this little ruby red gem:

But it looks a little... hmm. Woolly. Wild. Overgrown. An out and out mess. Let's zoom out from that tasty tomater, shall we?

Granted, a big happy tomato plant is great, but what you miiiight not notice is that it is taking over the entire left side of the patch. It's actually killing the tomato plant behind it. What, you can't see it? That is because it's being suffocated.

Now here we have the eggplant, two bell pepper plants and a spicy pepper plant that Allison and Eric gave us as a house warming gift when we moved here. They're all in the first row, down there in the foreground:

Nothing wrong with those good looking plants. But let's get down to a bug's view for some perspective:

Holy crab-grass, Batman! 

Here's one of our little bell peppers, brutally scalded by our sun. I guess our garden has just too much sun exposure. Lately the skies have been overcast and rainy and they look MUCH better, bigger and no sun scorches. But look at the poor thing:

 I honestly don't know if we'll do this next year, once the stuff dies off in the winter. Todd and I are insanely busy and the last thing I have time for (aside from leisurely shopping in a mall, getting a mani-pedi or my hair cut, dusting the floorboards or cleaning out Alex's closet) is weeding a freaking garden. Here's a last shot of our wild bramble patch:

But Todd said it best, whatever the outcome, attempting it was such a fun adventure. We learned a lot, we enjoyed the literal fruits of our labors, and if we do end up planting another garden, we know what to do next time. Put the damn plants in pots, because did you SEE that crab grass?!

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