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Monday, September 26, 2011

Crafts I Do Not Suck At

My friend Amber makes adorable baby clothes and other baby accoutrements. Summer makes these cupcake-perfect type hair accessories. Allison makes everything. Kendra knits everything. All these women get together weekly, I think, to discuss how to save the world through crafting. I... well, I do not attend those meetings for fear of messing up the world through dismal crafting. I can do a few things. And by few, I mean like, three. BUT... As horrible as I am at most crafts, I'm really proud of these:

Ok, this is actually my favorite. It took a ton of work and time, but was just so much fun and I'd love to make it again and again but where the hell am I going to hang 400 of these bad boys? I bought those wooden round thingies over which you stretch your embroidery, removed the part with the clamp and painted it a boisterous pink. Then I got those stars and used a minuscule drill bit and actually worked it through the stars with elbow grease, so power tools aren't necessary. Then, I painted the stars. Then, I strung them on fishing wire with lots of pretty, pretty beads. Then I attached it all with or without voodoo.

Ok. With voodoo.

This project took up so much of my time, but I really enjoyed it. It was for baby girl, and it was just something creative I could do, for fun, for lightness. I mean come on, balance the checkbook? Or string up some beads and origami? Yeah, it'll be origami and beads for me, too:

Let's take a closeup. Oh God. I gotta admit, I'm so in love with these effers. They took SO LONG to bead, on account of how long the strings are. Let's take a close up:

All these pretty patterns came together in the same packet of origami paper I got at Michael's. The orange one above, and the pale one in the foreground below were a couple of my favorites.

So the third craft I can do is crochet but so far all I can do are beanies and scarves and those get boring, REAL fast. On account of the boringness, I don't have pictures. But I still am super proud of my stars and cranes. Maybe everyone I know will get some for Christmas. And New Year's. And Arbor Day. And...

P.S. If you're super curious, all of these supplies can be found at Michael's.

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  1. okay, i think like everything else in your blog, i might have to steal these ideas too.