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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Paint Job.

Well I posted about the weekend of painting and its subsequent effect on our lazy ass, couch potato, TV-watching night life, and now I have the pictures to prove it!

This is months and months ago, Alex was not even a year, I had a horribly short haircut, and I was fatter. Alex was boisterous, sassy, slightly sweaty, and for the most part that's all the same. But the point of this picture is the color of the walls. A yucky, bland, rice pudding type color, Dunn Edwards Cottage White in flat.

Well, screw Cottage White. It's dingy, dank, slightly depressing, and utterly uninspired. It's also all over the house because this used to be a rental house, and the last thing you do for a rental is put subjectively gorgeous color on the walls just for someone to either complain about or destroy with posters, beer stains, permanent marker, or punching through walls (all true stories - don't even ask about the jerk who sold our unit's fridge).

So here we go. Here is the initial aftermath, that had me running around in circles going "Where do I sit? Where do I go?"

Even Alex is like "What is this I don't even." I started to feel like a hoarder after awhile, just looking at these stacks, trying to wedge my big butt on the itty bitty edge, feeling pushed out of my own home by my own stuff.

Ahhh, there he is, my darling man, slaving away. I have to admit though, I was kind of jealous. I was on baby duty and don't get me wrong, I LOVE baby duty, but I also love projects. And I love working, in a body-moving way. But Alex and I were resigned to standing at the baby gate, watching Todd. Alex screeched "hi!" a lot and I just kept saying "Hey babe......... lookin' gooooood... Um, do you need some water?"

That photo was taken the second night, and by this time I was able to help. It was so fun! As Todd says though, painting a dramatically different paint color really ratchets up the excitement levels. Painting white on white, not so much. Anyways, aside from the super sexy hot ass job I did on the ceiling, painting the second coat, of which there are no pictures.... Here is what I did:

Look at that sparkling white bookcase thingy! You can't tell from here, but my cutting-in work is out of this world. And now, look at how that interior door of weirdness pops against that green wall. Side note: we moved Alex's "dresser" (aka dining room buffet we bought when I was pregnant and when we thought we didn't need drawers for tiny baby stuff) from her room into the den. So behold the sexy, perhaps DEADLY sexy combination of new wall color, plus new entertainment center. It's a goddamn grown up adult house now:

Here's the bookcase with books in it. And I tried real hard to make the books and other crap pretty:

So there you have it! Our lovely new room, with new furniture, new tile, a new lease on life! 

Colors used:

Glidden Safari Green in matte

Glidden Bright White in semi-gloss

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