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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pleasures of Parenthood.

Todd's brother Scott and his lovely wife Amery have recently discovered and announced that Amery is pregnant! It's such wonderful news, and even lovelier is how absolutely happy they are. Well, Scott's also terrified but he should be, let's face it.

It was exciting for us too! To be aunt and uncle... what honors and luck for us! And then... we get to loan ALL of our newborn stuff to them. Relief! Joy! Empty closets! STORAGE SPACE. Carseats, strollers, bumbos, boppy pillows, infant bath tubs, bouncy chairs, electric swing sets, activity mats... Oh the sweet wonder of it all. And even cooler, by the time I'm ready to get knocked up again, they'll just send it back on over. It's wonderful! WONDERFUL I tell you.

That night before bed and after the happy parents to be had left for the night, I was getting myself and the house ready for bed. And I had to grab my camera, and post for all the expectant moms and dads out there, the documentation of a parent's joy. It might seem like I'm being sarcastic, but all these things are simply adorable, messy reminders of my baby girl, of the promotion of a lifetime: from woman, then wife, and at last to mother.

I mean, look at that adorable little toothbrush:

I don't know if you're aware, but a singing purse is a tub time necessity:

The aftermath of a nighttime streaking (no towels allowed):

Oh, tub toys. Did I ever take a shower without you?

Our cup (tub toy caddy) runneth over, literally:

Poor lobster mama, left behind like a soldier on the battlefield. Which I guess is what parenthood is like when they're teens but not yet:

And poor turtle pillow pet. He came THIS CLOSE to being invited to night-night:

Just think, that was just the aftermath of tub time! I'll pick them all up, put them all back where they belong (no, the floor is not the answer), only to find new buddies in their place the next day. Quite frankly my dears, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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