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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Triathlon Training: Commencing Week Three

I hesitate to fill a post with my ramblings over my exercise, but this is important to me, and maybe someone out there will find it and enjoy it. I'm actually improving in endurance and strength, and that excites me, and therefore I want to natter on about it for 45 minutes.

Yesterday was the start of week three, and I'll admit, it's hard making sure I fit in a workout six days a week (I have yet to accomplish that, having only made it to five last week). With a husband, child, job and household vying for my time, clinging to a training schedule proves to be a scrambling, hectic thing. I hope I can keep it up, because I'm really, really enjoying it. I'm already getting stronger, after just a couple of weeks of doing these different types of exercises.

Last Tuesday I did a run, almost four miles actually, and despite some slight twinges due to nerve damage in the ball of my left foot, it was... dare I say, easy? Enjoyable, even. I didn't do any speedwork, aside from a natural ebb and flow when I got tired or a burst of energy, so I was never completely spent. And I never go past three miles normally because of the fear of that nerve damage. But that longer run made me feel good.

Last Friday, I did my first transitional workout, which means I did two sports back to back: cycling and running. I biked 10 miles (I was slower after four consecutive workouts) and then came home, grabbed the dog and a slurp of water and headed out for a mile long jog around the neighborhood. The first four blocks I felt like my legs were made of jelly, and my knees were blobs of um, other such gelatinous products.

But then I fell into a rhythm, my knees stopped screaming "We are still on a bicycle, what are you DOING" and I felt exhilerated. Those first four blocks, I wasn't sure I could handle a triathlon. The last eight, however, was a mad rush of endorphins, pride and motivation. Half of me wanted to run longer, maybe even three miles, see if even this early I could complete two out of three legs.

Then I ran too fast to Young the Giant's "My Body" and I felt like I wanted to throw up when I got home (the dog, however, was jubilant). Then Todd looked at me with a sort of awe, and that got me hooked, too. What I saw in his eyes is what I felt coursing through my veins. Both of us were impressed.

Yesterday I did my usual 25 minute swim, which I do twice a week. Except since we're on week three now, I had to swim an additional 100 meters in the same time frame. Last week I was doing 1000 meters in over 30 minutes. Yesterday, I did 1,100 meters in 25 minutes. Swimming is my weakest leg by far, and knowing that swimming is 90% technique makes it more daunting. But I did some drills, I worked on my form and even though I had farther to go, I did it with more efficiency.

I did my modified circuit training after my swim, focusing mostly on my arms and upper body but also my glutes. I did the same rounds as I had done last week, yet today I'm hardly sore. My muscles are learning, growing stronger, and I cannot stress enough how much of a thrill that is. I mean, I don't have cable TV so maybe I'm just desperate for entertainment, but growing stronger, both physically and mentally has me captivated.

I'm more and more determined to stick to this, to see it through and compete in a triathlon next year. It's giving me strength and confidence. A bit of stress, I'll admit, when it comes down to fitting in an hour at the gym or on the track, coming home to a circus, a juggling act with quality toddler time, making Alex dinner, walking a dog, putting her to bed, showering, making our dinner, and trying to have quality time with Todd that doesn't include me slumped on the sofa going "buh-buh-buh-buh-buh" like Goldie Hawn in Overboard.

But I'm in it to win it. Well, I'm in it to finish it without throwing up .

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