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Monday, November 28, 2011


No, not the crappy Twilight, I mean, real twilight, the twilight hour, the moments of dusk that in other parts of the country are categorized as hazy, dark daylight, sun gone, sky gray, but there is still that afterthought of light. But in Tucson, twilight can be arresting.

In fact, I was struck by a twilight recently. It was last Saturday, after Alexandra's epic three hour nap, due to which we were grocery shopping around 5pm. I was frazzled, because it felt so weird to be shopping so late, knowing we had to rush home in time for Alex's dinner, and I'll admit, despite her three hour nap she was super fussy.

I had hit up Trader Joe's and was finishing up in Fry's. I can't remember what was stressing me out in the store, but there were definite factors. Oh! I remember, I had forgotten something after putting all my groceries on the conveyer belt. And with a baby, you don't just leave your cart and grab your purse. You gotta take the whole kit and caboodle. Which means people can just swoop right in. So we're dashing down the aisles like we're on Supermarket Sweep, etc etc. I even ended up stealing a toy, so the week after I had to take the toy's packaging back and pay for it. Anyways, I'm feeling haggard, looking haggard, and then I step outside.

It was so pretty I literally stopped in my tracks. And I know it looks super bright and not like a twilight or dusk at all, but trust me, when you weren't staring at the sky, the rest of the world was quite dark. Headlights were required at this point.

It felt holy. The camera doesn't do it justice so I might try and fiddle with the exposure and lighting to make it fit my memory. But honestly, you need a pretty snazzy camera to do justice to the heavens. This next one is by far my favorite.

It was just the pick me up I needed and it's not the first time the sky has done that to me. Thanks, sky!

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