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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Season.

Here is Alexandra just before we departed for Thanksgiving feast at my parents':

I really have no images to show you from the awesome five day Thanksgiving holiday. Well, I do, but they're all of Alexandra after I put her in this outrageously adorable pig tails (see above). And Amber took photos of Alexandra and her one year old son James in the bathtub but those are naked pictures and while I fully intend to show those naked pictures to Alex and James when they are 16 and embarrassed beyond belief, I think I'll do them one favor and keep them off the Internet.

But the reason there are no pictures is because I was too busy utterly enjoying myself. Thanksgiving was spent with my family and some friends, and the day after was spent with Todd's family and more friends. It was just as a holiday kick off should be: good food, great people, nice weather. We saw a baby rattlesnake at my parents' house too! Happy holidays to you too, little guy! Poor bastard was so cold and so scared he couldn't even rattle.

Anyways, the excitement is just beginning. Now coming up is my favorite holiday of the entire year: my birthday! No, no, no, I'm kidding. It's Christmas. Of course it's Christmas! The majority of folks love Christmas most of all so that should come as no surprise (and now that I'm a couple years passed 30 it should come as no surprise that my birthday most certainly is NOT my favorite holiday).

This month is jam packed full of wonderful things: Craft parties, a family photo session with my dear friend Allison, a trip to the mountains with some friends, our open house party and, naturally, the Christmas holiday itself, to name a few. And of course, there's the planning for all these awesome adventures. It's daunting but it's awesome.

I'm not a fan of the limbo-like state of the planning phase. Planning our wedding over the course of our 11 month engagement was like being on pins and needles the entire time. Of course it made the actual event that more awesome, so there's a silver lining to every cloud. But right now, this month coming up ahead, with all its wonders and its endless planning and prepping and shopping-for, basically feels like one massive celebration. I've already gotten quite a few things already, and it's going to be so much fun putting them together.

So if my posts become less frequent, please forgive me. I fully intend to keep posting at least daily, but as Thanksgiving proved, I kept thinking about blogging, without actually doing it. I was too busy having fun.

To everyone out there, I hope your holiday season is just as much of a celebration for you, whether it's jam packed like mine or serene and blissful. Happy holidays! Or, as they'd say on Cakewrecks, Happy Hole Days!

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