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Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Source Code

I know this movie came out ages ago, back in March actually, but since we never have time or quite frankly, the money to be regularly seeing movies in theatre, we have to bide our time, add a movie to Netflix and patiently wait. Enter Source Code.

I love sci-fi thrillers and fast paced movies and I was eager to check this puppy out. It didn't seem to  make a lot of waves however; I don't remember the weekend it premiered, I don't remember how it did at the box office or with the critics, but when it came up on the Netflix list as number one, I got excited. And I was not disappointed. I was actually very impressed, and I loved it. Even better? Todd did too.

The downfall is that we stupidly decided to watch oh, the first 30 minutes in bed on the laptop before going to sleep. Yeah. Yeah, that didn't happen. We stayed up until 12:45am watching the damn thing! It was too hard to shut off.

Source Code is about a young Army man, Colter (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) who is on a mission to keep a train from exploding, but he only has eight minutes in which to perform this feat. And to make it more interesting/daunting, he's doing so in someone else's body, in the past (actually an alternate universe but I don't want to discuss Quantum Physics and embarrass the hell out of myself), and is essentially living the last eight minutes of that individual's life.

Luckily for him, this person is traveling with a beautiful young woman Christina (Michelle Monaghan) and during the repeated attempts to find this bomb, he begins to feel for her.

You can tell he now is interested in more than just finding the bomb (the Air Force's only goal): he'd also really like to save this woman, as well as the entire train. Then he, and we the audience, learn of a twist, which I shall not reveal, that makes his actions all the more heroic and heart wrenching.

This movie was really amazing, and I highly recommend it to all movie enthusiasts. There's thrills, deception, romance, and it never lulls or drags. Even when his eight minutes expire and he's returned to the "cockpit" of the Source Code mechanism thingy, those scenes still crackle with intensity and an urgency that, especially in our case the other night, make it impossible to turn away from.

My grade: A+

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