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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bridal Shower! (part deux)

Let's get right back into this. This post has PEOPLE in it! Hurray!

 Sara, another fabulous bridesmaid, and me. See, look at that natural light, messing up this picture! Gosh I'm good at photography!

The bride Kendra (my bestie) and the sister mother of the bride Susan.

Sarah (who is also the girlfriend of Kendra's brother Brent), and Amery (my sister in law), both of whom are bridesmaids. I haven't seen Bridesmaids, the movie, yet, but I do know that we're all hilarious and I'm pretty sure well get a movie deal after the wedding.

The rascally maids and the devastatingly beautiful bride.

Fabulous Susan, and sweat-soaked me. I had a mimosa and then ran around doing last minute flower stuff and photo-taking. Suffice it to say that sugars + activity = sweaty.

Flowers on the table outside.

The tables, plus an emerald green lawn that rivals the Emerald Isle itself.

Sarah, Sara, Kendra, Amery, and Kila.

Anna Maria and Susan. Hey, girls!

Me (no longer sweaty but somehow still sub-par and not at all like the inner vision I have of myself) and my glorious mother.

I think Kendra is describing how much she hates video games. "I've had it up to here!"

Laughs from the bride are gorgeous laughs.

Sarah, our lovely crafter who made our invites (hmmm, I should get a photo) and our passports. She also dyes her hair according to the wedding color, whenever she's in a wedding. You have to admit, that's freaking rad. I've gotten to spend a lot more time with her since we started working on the shower, and I'm so happy about that.

Sara. It took THREE TIMES to get this photo, because like me, she's half ham, half upstart. I adore this girl, and yet she's leaving Tucson. Needless to say, I'm angry.

See? A ham. Apparently, Kendra is too.

Look at this grandmother, would you?! Impeccably dressed in fashion forward clothes, carrying wedding cookies made from scratch after brewing everyone individual cuppas of tea, and she's still smiling. This, my dears, is Pat, and she is an angel, just like Susan, her daughter, and Kendra, her granddaughter.

Yippee, presents!

I have to admit, photographing the Sara(h)s when they're making actual smiley faces is like trying to herd cats, but it's also a lot more fun.

Kila and Amery, 19 weeks and 12 weeks pregnant, respectively. They're playing the spice-smelling game, and I'm sure those extra-sensitive sniffers helped.

Delicious! Homemade! Why didn't I dump this platter into my purse before I left?

Bride and Maid of Honor (the term matron can just go die somewhere).

Yum, spicy!

Mother of the bride finally gets a rest.

Sara, Sarah (bedroom eyes or I'm Gonna Gitcha eyes?), Kila, and grandma Shirley.

I think this is Kendra slipping some answers to Shirley for the How Well Do You Know Kendra? game.

Susan, Anna Maria, my mom Christine, Amery, Pat (in the super chic yellow back there) and the Sara(h)s.

Who knows Kendra the best? Do YOU?

Ah, who won the real prize? The dice game gives you a chance to win, and potentially steal, a prize, but only one prize holds the real gift.

It was such a gorgeous shower. I feel so lucky to be a part of Kendra's life, much less a member of her bridal party, much less the maid of honor, and much less an active member on the bridal shower committee.  This was one of the finest Saturdays I've spent. I'm so blessed to have such lovely people in my life.


  1. Aw, all my ladies are gettin' hitched and shit! Give my love to Kendra! Let's have one of those red wine cigarette nights soon, before the wedding!

    Forever lurkin' on yo shit.