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Friday, November 11, 2011

Testing Limits.

I'm a Sagittarius, mouthy, bold, loud and brash. I test limits. But the other day, I was introduced to an entirely new level of testing boundaries, and I discovered it while doing the laundry. And hey, that's a nice distraction, because I absolutely loathe doing laundry. It's not putting clothes in the washer, out of the washer, into the dyer/out on the rack, then into the basket... it's the folding.

I hear prisoners fold laundry.

Anyways, as I do the laundry, all the aforementioned transferring of clothes from one machine to another, I'm always dreading the end result: folding five loads of laundry. Because it comes at the end of this list: working out, walking the dog, feeding Alex, bathing Alex, putting Alex to bed, showering and finally, after Todd has finished teaching kung fu, making dinner for us. There sits the basket, the mountain really, which has been waiting patiently, growing larger and larger after each BZZZZT from the dryer.

I do laundry, and I feel all that on my shoulders. So when something interesting, weird, a little gross but mostly hilarious comes my way, it's a breath of fresh air. And it's also a lesson about testing limits. On with it, Jil! Ok, ok, here is the funny business:

Not sure if the picture fully captures what I'm trying to show you, but this is a pair of Todd's cargo shorts. Can you see how bulky that pocket is? It's got the weight of the world in there! What could it be? A discus? A small meteor?

Hmm, a closer look didn't really help.

Well, well, well. Looks like dada forgot to remove a spare diaper from his pocket before tossing these shorts into the hamper. Can I just tell you that pulling this diaper out was like pulling a huge sea snail from its shell?

This diaper's limits were tested. I have never seen such a full diaper, and I've taken Alex into a swimming pool with this type of diaper. Diaper diaper diaper. Now it's no longer a real word.

See? Giant sea snail.

I of course couldn't throw it away before Todd saw it, and as he hefted the mighty thing in his hands I snapped another shot, to try and give some sort of size comparison. The man is 6'7" and has hands that match, and look, that diaper is clearly a two-hander.

So to Target's Up and Up brand of size 4s, I say: well done.


  1. I love the Up and Up diapers. They make it over night in this house with no leakage!

  2. @Carolyn

    It also helps that they're about .14 cents a diaper! Or at least they were back during the size 2 days.

  3. do it again with a bigger one and put it on