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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

All Souls' Day.

I have sorrowful news to deliver, but I didn't want to do it. No one likes diving right into the painful things of life and loss, no matter how cathartic it might wind up being. But when I realized that today was All Souls' Day, I knew it was time to officially mourn the loss of both Vito and Kittums, our beloved and dearly departed kitties.



Todd's napping buddy. The world's gentlest nipper. The fat, fluffy sweet guy who purred the moment you touched him, who could literally sleep anywhere, who would see a person about to nap and would come curl up, purring. He was also always hungry.


My odd ball kitty, the melodious Mau, the weird one made of cayenne pepper and cactus needles. But also the one pet in our household who showed the utmost patience with Alex. He and Patton were the best of friends. He slept with me, belly to belly, his paws around my neck.

I hope nothing horrible happened. I hope someone in the neighborhood scooped them up. But coyotes have been sighted. And God forbid, it was close to Halloween when they disappeared. I don't want to say any more than that. What I do want to say, is how much I love these two, how much Todd loves them, and how much we miss them, how much we feel the loss of their presence. I want to honor them for the love and laughter and cuddles they've each brought to our lives, in their strange, hilarious, different ways.

I want them to come home. I want them to come scurrying towards the back sliding door, begging to come in and curl up with us. I want them to be warm and safe and happy, unharmed, whole and perfect in their individuality, their sweetness. But if they are on the Rainbow Bridge, then I hope they know that Todd and I will be there one day and we will all see each other again.

Let's take a walk down memory lane:

Kittums who unknowingly climbed into my dog's food dish.

Vito is the kitty on top of the cuddle puddle with his brothers and sister.

We love you two. Please come home, please be safe, please be okay.

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