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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Girly Girl + Tom Boy.

You'd think she'd be a Gemini with this sort of dual nature. Observe, Alexandra's outfit:

That's right, a camouflage hoodie, track pants, pink socks and pink sparkle princess mary janes.

True, we dress her for the most part, but lately she's become very... opinionated about what she will and will not wear. This outfit, especially the shoes, made her very, very happy.

Our friend Sarah gave Alex this hoodie, and even personalized it for her. Alexandra absolutely adores to growl like a tiger, so really, the choice in embroidery was easy:

"The tiger says ROAR!" Mama loves her little tiger girl/girly girl/tom boy/rapscallion:

It really is fascinating, observing her personality emerge as she gets older. She absolutely loves all things feminine: my makeup, my shoes, my bras, hair accessories, jewelry, anything that sparkles. She also loves mimicking my stereotypical women's work, like sweeping, vacuuming and folding laundry. But she also loves getting muddy, playing with sticks and rocks, harassing the dog, playing with Todd's tools, and helping him water the plants. She's opinionated, as I said before, and extremely extroverted and confident, but also very tender and loving. She's active but gentle, unafraid and not at all timid and yet when I warn her of a danger, she immediately comes running to mama.

So you know, she's perfect. Any little lady in camo and pink sparkle shoes is perfect.

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