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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween, Part 2.

I know I already did a Halloween post, but since today is the actual holiday, and since we carved pumpkins with our pal Pete on Friday, I wanted to celebrate a little more. 

Here's Pete's:

Pete's pumpkin is an awesome skull he carved out of an enormous pumpkin that had a soft spot on the bottom, which had to be hollowed out, which of course turned into a lot of jokes about sphincters. Anyways, I never have quite enough courage to do outline-style faces like he did. Or to make rear ends on pumpkins.

Here's mine:

I was really at a loss; originally I wanted to attempt Van Gogh's Starry Night, or at least a portion of it, until I stared in horror for five minutes at the painting online, realizing there was no way in hell I could manage it, even the castle and just one star whorl. So in a nod to the southwest I did something super cliche, outmatched in clicheness by only Kokopelli. And then I screwed up the nose, made him look like Snoopy mixed with a draft horse, and I also effed up  my moon. But whatever, it still reads as coyote howling at sickle moon from the street.

Then there's Mr. Showboat's Todd's:

He did this wicked awesome kitty face and no, he didn't use a stencil. No, he didn't use a kit. No, he didn't get the idea online. He thought it up, did a quick sketch on paper, drew it on the pumpkin with a sharpie and got to work. I mean, would you just look at that? The whiskers, the nose, the fangs and the open mouth, the latter a perfect space through which a candle flame can be seen, like a fiery little tongue. The eyes, the ears, it's all genius. And he didn't use a damn stencil. No fair? Yep, I feel the same way: no fair. Oh, and also super jealous.

Here's the three of us, or shall I say, the two point five of us that evening. Obviously we carved pumpkins between sips of cocktails and beers. But we had an absolute blast and it's turning into a fun little tradition to have Pete over, eat grub, drink alcohol (except for when I'm pregnant, then I just watch them drink) and carve some pumpkins.

Happy Halloween! Stay safe tonight, everyone, and that includes avoiding chocolate O.D.s (impossible!)

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