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Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful.

Hurray! Weather is happening in Tucson today! It's rainy and blustery and cold.

I didn't actually take that photo, I got it from a local news station's website, but that's what's happening right now! We're all in a mild uproar over it too. A week ago, I was complaining about how it was almost November and still in the upper 80s, and today the high will be 57. Crazy! Inconceivable!

I know, Vizzini, I know! It was actually quite chilly yesterday, too. I went for a long run (completing my first full week of triathlon workouts, six of them to be exact. I don't think I've ever worked out six days in one week before) and while the actual running kept me warm, afterwards the cool down was more like icy chill down, so Alex and I had a snuggle.

Selfishly, I must admit that I love it when she's still super sleepy after her naps, because it's way easier to curl up with her. Usually she's too busy and on the move to hold still.

P.S. Those are my Talbots ankle jeans!

Todd built a fire in the fireplace, I made a yummy casserole with pork tenderloin, yam, eggplant, turnip, onion and garlic, and we cuddled up together to watch a really bad movie, Warrior's Way. Tonight I think I'm going to wait on the shrimp pasta I had in mind, and instead make my delicious mushroom soup so we can warm up with it. I'll post the recipe some time this week.
In the meantime, bundle up and have fun with the chilly temps, Tucsonans. Woohoo, winter's here (for a day)!

Edited to add:

It's stopped raining now but look, snow and gorgeous clouds in the mountains!

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