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Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: Talbots, and their Signature Fit Jeans

I have recently become a huge fan of Talbots and I owe it all to The Pioneer Woman. I love Ree's blog and I read it religiously, every day. One morning, many moons ago, she herself posted about these lovely jeans:

She discussed how these jeans have a rise that isn't mortifyingly low or mortifyingly, mom-jeans high. Intrigued, I went out on my next day off and tried them on and... I was blown away! They're fitted but comfortable with a little stretch to them. I ADORE them. I got mine in crop, because I am nearly 6' tall and Talbots doesn't carry Tall sizes in store.

Here's the tragic turn of my tale, though: Barely two or three weeks after purchasing them, they tore in the seat, right by the pocket. AND a button fell off one of the back pockets. I was crushed. I discovered the tear the day we went out for sushi with friends, and I had been so excited to wear ~my new jeans~ out on the town. I had to put my Target jeans on :(

But here's the redemption of the situation: even though I hadn't kept my receipt, even though I wasn't in the system, the woman behind the counter tracked down a replacement pair in Phoenix and had them shipped to me, free of charge. What!! Insane! I was deeply impressed by the level of customer service and the dedication to making me happy. These days the customer is rarely right and if they are it is a decision given with the utmost suspicion on the retailer's part.

So naturally, when the SECOND pair tore, in the same spot (the buttons remained intact however), I knew that a second exchange could be tricky. However, thanks to some smart thinking on my husband's part, I still had my receipt (thanks Todd!), so at least I could show that the pants were less than five months old.

Again, I was shocked at the kindness, understanding and help that the ladies behind the counter exuded. The fall line didn't include crops since it was a summer style, but we found an ankle length jean that worked perfectly on my tall frame. Then at the checkout it turned out the jeans were nearly one hundred dollars, whereas the crops had been around 50, and were on sale to boot. I literally gasped and hesitated. Were these pants worth it? Granted, the cost of the crops would be deducted from the new pants' price, but that was still over $60 and we're not experiencing the flushest of times these days.

Once more, I was blown away: the clerk asked if I could come back the following day, since there was a 30% off coupon that would be honored on that day only. Relieved, I immediately said yes, and thanked her about 385347 times (which, coincedentally, was how many times Alexandra shrieked "HI!!!" to the employees), and returned the following day. The jeans were $36, very doable, very awesome.

Edited 6/11/13 to add: But let's be honest here, because this is the one post on my blog that has gotten the most hits, and continues to get hits even though it's almost two years old. So I want to be very clear. Those jeans sucked in the long run. To tear in the same place and for one pair to lose a button as well is just not okay, not when they are orignally sold for $100. I loved the stretch and the material, the length and the cut, but come on, rips? Lost buttons?

While Talbots themselves were incredible for their patient and excellent customer service, it's not going to make up for jeans that tear and need to be thrown out.

Grade: C

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