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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Book Review: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Triathlon Training

I've not even finished it, but since this week kicks off my official tri training, I wanted to blog about this book. Let me tell you, I LOVE this book already. Reading the first chapter, which is about why people even want to do triathlons, got me emotional and brought tears to my eyes. That's a reaction I get thinking of past races I've run, or thinking of ones I'm gearing up to run, and I knew, when that very first snippet of the book got me revved up emotionally as well as pumped up psychologically, it was going to be a book I'd get more than just training tips out of, you know?

This book goes through everything too, by the way. They detail out what a tri is, the different types (i.e. different lengths), the ways you should monitor your body while training, nutrition, gear that's useful and gear that's extracurricular, so to speak, and the best ever is they break down training schedules for you, not just weekly, but what to do each day of each week as you train.

Um, sold! I reserved and checked out this book from my neighborhood library but once it's due back I'm definitely going to buy this book. I figure I should show my support for the authors since I'm loving their work so much, and also, I want this thing by my side throughout my training. Even though the schedule for training for a sprint triathlon is 14 weeks, I intend to keep doing it the entire seven months before my event.

For those of you out there toying with the idea of competing in a triathlon, or for those who want more information on working out in one of the three tri sports (swimming, biking and running) or just want to take on the challenge of ramping up a boring workout routine, I highly recommend this book. And while I haven't gotten to the nutrition section, I'm also very eager to see how best to feed the body when doing such rigorous exercises.

Review: five stars, baby!

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