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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Safety First!

If you're not a parent, perhaps the following photo won't send chills down your spine, maybe even fellow parents won't be bothered, but to me, this scenario screams skinned knees, cut palms, bent toenails and a crying child:

She's a great walker and an enthusiastic runner, but she's also a lot like her mother, and gets a little gung-ho in situations that are new to her and might present challenges to her burgeoning skills of perambulation (not that I am new to perambulation, but you get what I mean). So color me delighted when she recently became obsessed with safety:

It's not completely out of the blue. I'm training for a triathlon and so she's seen me in that helmet and toddlers love imitating grown ups. But what a wonderful thing to imitate! I mean, I'm so lucky. I've yet to hear an attempt to sound out the f-bomb, she hasn't done any online shopping and so far, I don't think she's done any laundry and then forgotten about it for five days so its mildewy and gross and cemented to the interior walls of the washing machine.

Poor girl got it on backwards, so mama helped her out:

Right after that photo was taken she was bound and determined to secure the little chin strap, so once again, mama to the rescue. Also, I know the photos are blurry but I just can't delete these pictures, they're too cute. If you squint, it's in perfect focus. Sort of. Not really.

Ok, so this to me demonstrates how brilliant and observant my daughter is. Now that the strap is attached, she is trying to adjust it, just like mama does before every bike ride:

Happy now, mama decides to blind her child by forgetting to turn off the flash:

"Alright, we're safe, let's go party!"

"Wait a second! there's some brickwork over there that I wanna trip and fall on. This helmet is clearly going to get in the way."

Oh well. Like mama, like daughter. At least no F-bombs yet, right?

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