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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review: Archer Farms Spices from Target

I ran my 5k race today and am more exhausted than I'd like to admit. My knees, hoping you'll still think of them as mid-twenties knees and not 30-something knees, are also going to refrain from expounding upon the never-before-experienced pain they're currently in. My pride, in coming in behind my PR by three seconds, will also keep its surly, martini-soaked mouth shut. I mean, why would I tell you tired, sore and slow I am?

With all that in mind, please accept this paltry post, in which I briefly, hastily, snap-judgment-style give a review of some crap you'll never care about unless, like me, you find yourself in Target, having spent approximately 45 minutes looking at shirts, baby socks, party invitations and nail polish before you realize, on your way to the checkout, that you forgot olives (for all those martinis), three spices, peanut butter, goldfish crackers and beer. And since like I said this is a paltry post, I am only going to review one of those things. The spices. Ok so I know that's technically three things, but mainly I'm criticizing the spice vehicle. Observe:

Cute, huh? Cheap, too! I like the feel of glass versus plastic containers for my spices, as well as the spike of adrenalin I get every time I drop a bottle, so I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered these little guys. Cheaper than the McCormick plastic ones, so I was sold. As for the flavor and the quality, I notice no difference. But when I opened it, I saw this:

It's almost a deal breaker for me. I enjoy the ability to get my measuring spoon in there (I have rectangular ones for such reasons), but I also don't like needing a measuring spoon in order to refrain from dumping an entire bottle of spice on a 2" piece of my meal.

My review: C+

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