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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New/Sorta New Shows I Love

1. Pan Am

Even Todd is really enjoying this show. Its basic plot is interesting enough, but the additional historical take on it, getting to see life in the sixties and how it differed (some good ways, some bad) is also really fascinating. I read an article online too, in which a few ex-Pan Am ladies were asked about the show's accuracy and surprisingly, the only thing they really didn't think was true to form was the hue of the uniform! Even the CIA subplot with one of the characters is to be believed. It did indeed happen. This show is awesome.

2. Revenge

My favorite response I ingeniously thought of is: nevermind forgive and forget; it's revenge and remember. Anyways, my own issues aside, haha, this show is good so far. I really enjoy the plotting and intrigue and the clashing between the two main female characters. I will admit, I'm not sure how many seasons the main plot can survive. I mean, eventually the gig is up, right? But I'm more than willing to stick around to see just how they'll do it.

3. Prime Suspect

Before the season premiere, Todd would constantly make fun of the commercials for it because he thought it just looked dumb. Stereotypical aggressive female cop in the big city type stuff. But then... then we watched it. Holy hell. It's tough and gritty and gruesome at times, but there are also seriously touching moments in Bello's character's personal life. I've always liked Maria Bello, even in the hideous Coyote Ugly, so I am happy to see that she's found what seems to me to be a big hit.

4. Up All Night

This is basically a given and I don't think anyone is surprised to find this on my list. Arnett and Applegate are hilarious and most think Rudolph is too (she annoys me but does make me laugh), and the reality of trying to cleave new parenthood with your old selves and still trying to maintain some humor and grace truly is hilarious, with or without a witty script. This show is an absolute hit.

5. Happy Endings

This show isn't new, but it was last season. And it is unbelievably hysterical. I mean, along the lines of Cougar Town and, in my opinion, Modern Family. Quick, dry wit, rakish, borderline loserish but charming characters, and just honest to goodness quality chemistry and rapport between all the characters. This show is so funny, I can't even do it justice with a blurb. So I'm just gonna stop right here.

1 comment:

  1. Isn't Pan Am and Up All Night hysterical!!! Revenge is also AMAZING!!! You should also check out the Playboy club (kind of like Mad Men and Pan Am mixed together). New Girl is kind of funny also and I really like the Secret Circle (of course I have a new stupid supernatural show that I'm obsessed with). Love you Jily Pups!Keep up the awesome blog post!