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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Letter of Appreciation to Target and Ross

Dear Target, thanks for your awesome couch cover, lamps and pillows. 

Now for the dramatic night time shot.

Aside from the paint, this room remodel cost: $128. The pillows were a little much but they're SO pretty and bring out the color in the tile job Todd did. So thanks again Target!


Your friend Jil

Dear Ross, thanks for totally trouncing Target on the pillow front and for adding just the barest splash of femininity to our super masculine living room (not counting the baby toys).

Pillow remodel cost: $26. I didn't need to buy a lot because I didn't want to whore up the leather sofas any more than I did, but I was happy to find two cute pillows, each of which, gasp! had a matching pair. So well done, Ross!



Target can be pricey but the quality is pretty standard. Ross is hit or miss but ALWAYS a steal. Not like any of you people out there need reminding, but I figured my recent acquisitions could inspire someone out there to roam the aisles of Target, or to put in the time and effort to push through the crowds at Ross to find the good stuff out there.

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