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Thursday, October 20, 2011


In this photo are two sick adults and a tired toddler. In this picture is a wife, functioning as a mattress for a husband and a daughter. The day this photo was taken, I was sick enough to be miserable, but in the moment this picture captures, I'm beyond blissed out and I think it's pretty obvious as to why (no, not the super cool pillow from Target). Only the love of a wonderful family could produce a smile of such serenity and contentment in the middle of such a yucky day. I'm going to cherish it, and the following other shots, forever.

I love Todd's hand on Alexandra's tummy, and her arm draped comfortably over his wrist.

Goofy girl, fish-hooking herself.

I hope we get more cuddle pile-ups like this in our lifetime. Because it was truly a rose-colored moment, and I don't even care how horrible I look because I know how rare these experiences truly can be in life.

Hope you all have a good cuddle today!

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