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Monday, October 17, 2011

Where is the Dog Bowl?

The other day, Alexandra discovered how to remove the dog bowls from their stand and, as an added bonus, how fun it was to carry them around the house. Oh, and how rad it was to bang them together.

The next day, before Todd went out to teach kung fu, he discovered that Patton's water bowl was gone. Gone! I wonder whodunit. The evidence:

Hell and blast! The water bowl... gone! But she had already dumped out the water, and poor Patton was relying on his outdoor water. So damn, no water trails. We'll have to rely on our gumshoe skills (anyone else thinking of Carmen San Diego?). Let's go!

The closest room to the laundry/storage/pet feeding room is the kitchen. The only hiding place is under my lame ass kitchen stand cart thing. But nope, no bowl. Let's move on:

Moving into the back room/den/office, the only real hiding place for the bowl is under Todd's desk, but nope... No luck there, either, Onward, gumshoe!

Here's the wine cave/workout room storage/what else will fit here closet (if you haven't guessed, a house this small requires a lot of multi-purposing), but aside from a beer-brewing bucket, a weighted bar and a punching bag... nothin'. C'mon slim, let's move on to the next room:

Ah! The dining room! Lots of... well, ok, not really. Just the one hiding spot and it's so obviously barren of clues, or of The Dog Bowl. The sofas in the living room and in the den don't have the clearance to hide the bowls underneath, it wasn't in her room, the bathroom, bathtub, toilet, nor was it under our bed. But WAIT!

Damn! I was sure it would be under this chair. The cats love this chair, and it seems completely feasible for Alex to drag the bowl around the house, see a kitty, freak out in joy and toddle over to the chair, drop the bowl, and lay her head on the cat with her thumb in her mouth. But... but no. :( My gumshoe skills are proving to be more than lacking. I mean, I'm still lacking the dog bowl. Best to return to the scene of the crime, right?

............... Wait a damn minute...

AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGH! I searched all damn night!

So, I'm not detective material. But all's well that ends well! Patton may now eat, drink and be merry, all in the same laundry/pet feeding/workout ball storage/kitty litter/vacuum cleaner storage/camping supply storage room. How nice to have a peaceful, clutter-free place to sup and slurp. Glad we could help, Patton.

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