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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Whole isn't actually a visually appealing word, at least to me, in this moment. But, to say it, to have my mouth shape the sound, and knowing that it is applied to your current state of being, is heaven. It's gorgeous. And don't you love that a word that means wholeness sounds whole? The big wide O in the middle, the fact that it is one syllable and yet still a hearty mouthful... The word, it seems, know what it stands for.

Here's what whole stands for, for me:

My first holiday party. All I wanted for Christmas was Todd, and wouldn't you know it....

I got my wish! I married my man and off we went on a true honeymoon, a month in Europe. You know, you have to be very  well dressed, and very  well mannered in Europe:

We had such a great time and I know we impressed the dickens out of those guys. I mean look how hot and sophisticated Todd and I are:

I've posted about our NASCAR adventure before, but did you know that, to make this event possible, I had to pump breastmilk while rocketing down the interstate from Phoenix back to Tucson? Mothers, a large sweater can do wonders, not to mention a little wiggle room when it comes to things like modesty. My Toddorama is worth it though. Nothing quite like whipping around a racetrack at 150mph. Well gee, after that, what do we do now?

Hey honey! We have a night to ourselves, Alexandra's gonna sleep over at grandma's so would you like some steak, red wide, and 12 hours' uninterrupted sleep? No? Me neither! Let's get up early, paint our faces, run like devils under an unrelenting sun, hop/stagger/clamor/limp over about 10 obstacles only to leap over fire, throw ourselves in the mud and crawl under barbed wire. Sound good? Todd's reply: HELL YES

But it's nice to clean up every now and then:

 And it's also nice to know what lies ahead with your mate, your one and only, the only person in the world who made you whole, who made you a mother. So let's ask the cosmos, what's in store for us as happy husband and wife?

Happy Anniversary to my one true love, my rock and foundation, the man who twirls my hair, takes out the trash, gets muddy with me, gets dressed up with me, the man who not only gave me a daughter but who also changes her poopy diapers. To the man who is the Jack Colton to my Joan Wilder, the Westley to my Buttercup, the Arthur to my Molly Weasley.

Todd. I love you. You gave me love and this awesome world I live in. You made Alexandra possible. You also made me, the woman I am now, possible. I cannot thank you enough. Without you... No. There is no without you. Happy Anniversary, my love.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Jil- I owe you an email, and I have not forgotten! I will write you soon :)