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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Workout!

Hey Beefcakes, it's time to pump you up. I mixed up my TV references in that sentence. I hope you forgive me.

I ran four miles with the dog yesterday so naturally my right knee is killing me and the dog is full of piss and vinegar. In 18 days, I will compete in my triathlon and after that, I don't think I'll be running for quite some time. Anyways, due to the pain in my knee, I was going to save this workout for tomorrow but after reading through workout #3, I think I might give it a whirl. It's mostly upper body. Although, swimming, which I will be heading off to do in about an hour, is upper body too. What's a girl to do?

On to the awesome:

30 Push-ups.
30 Arnold Presses. Hold your kettlebell (or 15lb+ weight) at shoulder height, palm facing your body.  Lift weight straight up until arm is fully extended, and at the same time twist so your palm faces out. Return to start, weight at shoulder height, palms in. That's one.
30 Double Crunches. Those who know yoga will understand when I tell them to get into half boat position. For those who don't, check this picture out. Now, lower legs and upper body apart from each other as if you were going to lie down, but stop about halfway down. Go back to half boat pose. That's one.
30 Jumps. Jump straight up in the air as high as you can, bringing knees and feet up as high as you can.
30 Russian Twists. We know these by now, right? :)
30 Recline Presses.  Grab your kettlebell or 10lb+ weight in one hand and sit sideways on a chair so you can lean back. Lean back about 45 degrees, weight at shoulder height, palms facing forward, and lift weight straight up. Return weight to shoulder height. That's one. Do 15 each side.
30 Front Horse Lifts. Get into horse stance, which we talked about last week, with the kettlebell or weight on the floor in front of you. Grab weight, lift straight up above your shoulder (not above your head), and then return to the floor. That's one. Do 15 each side.
15 Burpees. This is a burpee.
30 Low Pulls with Weights. Grab that chair again. Grip the back of the chair with your left hand, placing left knee on the chair. Make sure your back is flat and your butt sticks out, so your body is lower to the ground (Todd and I call it hooker butt because we are 14 year olds). Look straight ahead. With the kettlebell or heavy weight in your right hand and lift up as if you were trying to start a lawn mower. Lower weight but never completely to the ground. That's one. Do 15 each side.
30 Calf Lifts with Weights. Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Hold as much weight as you want. Lift up on your toes, engaging your calf muscles. Slowly lower down til feet are flat on the floor. That's one.


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