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Monday, March 19, 2012

Fort Alexandra.

The weather was absolutely amazing today, and by amazing I mean horrible, but to Tucsonans, winter weather is amazing. Hell, weather, period, is amazing. It went from raining to just overcast, hailing to sleeting, sunshine to "snow pellets" (which, as our meteorologist Erin Christensen tells me, are not hail but just snow pellets, whatever), to hailing and raining while the sun was shining.

I was off work today too, since Todd had to go up to Phoenix for several meetings and I decided to stay home with my bug-a-boo instead of getting a sitter. So it was just us girls. After looking out at the crazy weather all morning, I wondered what the hell we were going to do with the rest of our time before Alex's nap. Thanks to a dear friend, Susane's, suggestion, we decided to build a fort.

We got some blankets and pillows, Admiral Adama and her fairy princess Barbie, a zebra and a tiger, and sat inside. Bingley joined us shortly thereafter, mostly to hide from Patton, fight with Patton through the sheets, and fight the sheets themselves.

I have to admit, sitting in there, 32 years old, about 20 years after spending time in my last fort, I felt at a loss for what to do with my time. I didn't have any coloring books or popcorn or paper dolls so I just sat there, and soaked it up, my first fort with my baby girl. Bingley played hide and seek with Patton, whose hulking presence is perfectly, ominously concealed by that peach colored sheet.

Alex enjoyed the show once Bingley decided to attack the sheets.

And eventually Bingley wizened up and hung out on the dining room chair one of the fort's supporting beams, carved from troll's wood in a forest far, far away.

Then Alex got hungry, and Sesame Street came on. So we had some cheese sticks, chicken nuggets and fruit pouches, grabbed our sunglasses and had some one on one time with Elmo.

Can you tell when Alex's sticky fingers have been all over my phone? I can! It's when the little grubby fingerprints smear up my phone's camera lens:

Stay cool, hep cats. Build a fort, check out Sesame Street, and hang with your buddies.

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