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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blippity Bloopity Boo-Boo

The name of this blog doesn't have "tumbling" in it for cuteness alone. I truly am clumsy. Watching myself in the mirror whilst partaking in Zumba yesterday afternoon was an exercise in humility and embarrassment. I am nearly six feet tall and while I can often wear gracefulness like a disguise, especially if I'm in heels and am sober, a lot of the times the truth just comes out, and six feet is an awful big playground for uncoordinated movement.

Last night we had a couple of friends over for dinner, and after we ate, and after Alexandra went to sleep, we sat outside. Patton was jonesing for a stick, going so far as to thrust slobbery chunks of bark in my lap in the hopes I'd throw it for him so he could chase them. So I walked over to our pile of wood/kindling/sticks, and snapped off a good throwing stick...

And promptly proceeded to destroy the middle finger on my right hand. I will take a photo for your cringing benefit later; I just bandaged it since we're fixing to go out on a family day errand (plants and ice cream, oh my!). But it is truly gruesome. And it is truly a reminder of how clumsy I am. I don't understand; I know plenty of tall people, Todd included and at the top of the list, who are actually graceful. They are aware of their bodies and move them accordingly. I am not, and do not. I wish I could blame it on some sort of  neurological deficiency but unfortunately, I can't.

At least I can provide you with a nasty picture later on!

Edited to add:


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