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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lemon Garlic Salmon with veggies

I did this off the cuff the other night and had to share.

Lemon Garlic Salmon
serves two

12 - 16oz fillet of salmon
Olive oil
2 - 3 cloves garlic, finely sliced
1 large lemon, thinly sliced, ends saved (you may need two)
Parisian spices*
8oz squash and or/zucchini, thickly sliced (optional)

Set oven to 375. Prepare your baking dish with foil, a long enough strip to fold over the salmon. If you don't want to add the veggies, use a smaller pyrex in order to keep the lemon juice around the fish. Brush your fillet with olive oil.

Add the garlic evenly on top of the fish.

After that, squeeze one of the ends of the lemon over the fish to coat with lemon juice. All attempted photos of this step sucked, so forgive me for not showing this step.

Blinded by the light! Now add your lemon slices. If you ran out of lemon, use another lemon half for more juice.

This is what it looks like after the veggies are added, the Parisian spices are added, and more lemon juice is drizzled all over everything. Oh, and toss in the lemon ends:

Now fold the foil over and crimp to seal. Pop in the oven and either start some rice or kick up your feet.

This is after about 20 minutes. I opened the foil, cut it down the middle and threw back in for another 10 minutes or so. Maybe even less.

All right, 10 minutes are up! Plate it up, add that rice if you are having it, and add capers to your salmon. Have a tall sexy man hold up a plate so you can photograph it and then rip the plate out of his hands, run to the sofa and eat it.


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