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Monday, March 12, 2012

Review: OPI's "I Lily Love You" nail color

Ok, first off I know this is a lame post but it's really all I have to talk about today except for the fact that I am tired, hungry and my finger hurts.

I painted my nails with this shade last night and while it's pretty, it also sort of sucks. The glitter pieces seem to be actual chunks of confetti or something, because there are literally little papery chunks of it that are sticking out of my nails. It feels like I painted my nails and, while they were still wet, dunked them in a bucket of hay.

Also, the shade is extremly pale, and in order to get the sort of dark pink as seen in the photo, you have to layer on several coats, which just makes the hay feeling that much worse. Plus I know this stuff is going to be a bitch to take off so I'm not even looking forward to its removal.

However, an hour ago I brushed my hand against my sweater and all the polish on my pinky finger flaked off in one big piece. How's that for classy?

Grade: D+

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