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Friday, August 5, 2011

Things I Geek Out Over - Part 2

I had fun doing yesterday's post, not only because it's fun talking about the things about which you are passionate, but also because I wonder who else out there goes absolutely rabid-dog gaga over these things as well. Also, I realized I left a lot of things out, and probably didn't list them in the correct order either (I'm looking at you, Netflix). So here's some more!

6. Vampires

So, I'm lame. I'm 31 and I love vampires. I think they're an awesome avenue we humans have to explore our ids, our inner monsters, our predatory, no nonsense, self-serving dark sides. I've written a vampire story that I desperately hope I'll publish one day, I watch True Blood, I read two of the Twilight books (hate them) and I even fell for the vampire in A Discovery of Witches. I have some standards though. I fully recognize that my standards most likely fly in the face of and/or are mocked by other vampophiles, though. Like, okay. Vampires are creatures of the night, they have sharp fangs, they drink human blood and aren't ashamed of it, they aren't prudes, and they aren't apologetic to the human race for anything. And sure, I can understand messing with some of the myths, like garlic (lame) and not seeing their own reflections (difficult to get around in the modern day). But some of them... come on. SPARKLING?! Lisa Frank notebooks sparkle, not vampires. Sorry to all my Edward loving friends out there. Don't hate me because I like my vampires in a conventional matte finish. :)

7. Fruit and Veggie Pouches

I love these things so hard. In fact, I'm seeing a few in this image I yanked off Google and my heart is pounding in a fit of jealousy and anger because I do not have access to their novelty awesomeness. Alexandra LOVES these, and has ever since I found out about them when she was about eight months old. This brand in particular, Happy Tot, has this Salba stuff in it which boosts the protein and fiber content, and they're loaded with excellent vitamins and nutrients. As a mom of a sometimes picky eater, it's nice to know that if the string cheese, pasta, peas, toast, hummus, turkey, peanut butter, avocado, tomatoes, crackers, rice, potatoes, sausage, yogurt and milk fail, which they inevitably do every week or so, these fruit pouches are here to the rescue. A lot of them, including several of the ones shown above (the ones I know of at least) have at least 60 calories in them and at least 2g of fiber. Fiber is every parent's friend. I love, love, love these. Every two weeks I go to Target and buy, no lying, about 30 of them. They're gone within that two week period.

8. Cougar Town

There are no words to describe the hilarity of this show. There are few shows out there that are so funny (although we've discovered Happy Endings is one of them), and it's sad that the show's name seems to detract would-be fans because I am SERIOUS folks, this shit is hysterical. I think the original premise was to be Courtney Cox's character experiencing life after divorce as a 40 something but what it's turned into is an ensemble show, where Cox's character, Jules, and her friends, ex husband, son and boyfriend all hang out and are nothing short of a laugh riot. It will make you want to drink a lot of red wine, spy on your neighbors, play Penny Can and sardines, and laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh. I was going to list a couple of the cast members in particular but I can't, they're all equally hilarious. Courtney Cox's character on Friends was my least favorite but now, I think she's really allowed to shine in this show and I never, ever knew she was so funny. A++ add to cart.

9. Vola Pinot Grigio

I know, all my friends reading this are probably like, "wait, she likes eight other things more than wine?!"

That should just go to show you how much I adore all the aforementioned things (ok except Netflix. Damn those bastards). I used to adore red wine, specifically cabernet sauvignon, but my tolerance went down as soon as my window to sleep it off shrunk (hello, baby!) and several months ago I discovered this tasty gem at Trader Joe's. It's only $1.99 and it tastes FANTASTIC. Very light, very dry, very easy on the palate and the head. The only problem is that I can drink a LOT of it because of those very characteristics. But I'm not complaining. My waistline might, but I'm not! It goes well with nice summery dishes and it goes well on its own. And did I mention it's only $1.99?!

10. Target

I don't need to explain this one, right?