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Monday, August 15, 2011


I don't claim to be a know it all when it comes to tea, or consider myself a sophisticated tea drinker. I can't handle coffee and I need caffeine to survive. A can of soda, despite its caffeine content being relatively low compared to black teas, gives me the jitters. Tea, however, is delicious. Although if I have more than three glasses of iced tea I feel shakey. Enough about  me though. How the hell are you?

Ok, moving on. So! I love tea. Earl Grey is my pretty much my all time favorite. I tried it once in the Omni Hotel in Chicago because it was there, and I didn't sweeten it or add cream, which was a rookie mistake. It tasted to me like drinking perfume. And while perfume makes me happy, I'm just not into drinking it. But THEN, while Todd and I were in Venice during our honeymoon, and ordered breakfast in bed, the tray they sent up had Earl Grey, and the option of adding honey (from an adorable little glass pot) and cream. And so I did, feeling very Luxurious and very Sophisticated and very European, despite being exhausted with morning breath and a headache from having been woken up by the pealing of hundreds of loud ass church bells. And it was heavenly. The tea, not the headache. It was sweet! It was rich! It was decadent! It tasted like dessert in a cup. I was hooked.

I have a box of Twinings Earl Grey at home, but at work, due to my office's proximinity to a Barnes and Noble where the stuff is sold in tins, Harney and Sons rules the roost. However, when I had the last of my Earl Grey tea and walked over to replenish my supplies, I was captivated by the promises this tin offered:

Coconut, ginger, vanilla! In a light summery green tea? Sold! It seemed a better fit for the weather here, while Earl Grey with its necessary addition of half and half, seemed a bit more wintery. So I bought it, and I am happy to report that I am just as enthralled with this tea as I am with Earl Grey. I highly recommend you all give it a try, or if you cannot find this same brand, giving a green tea with similar additions a try as well. Adding a Splenda sweetens the deal, as I'm sure you can imagine, but this tea is just fine on its own or, I reckon, with a bit of lemon. I haven't tried that yet but I'm sure it would rock.

Enjoy and happy tea-slurping to all!


  1. seriously - get out of my brain. i feel like whenever i make a mental note, one worthy of sharing anyways, you blog about it. i was JUST thinking this morning how everyone needs to try my tea because it is the shit. and viola, here is your blog. but then again, this is why we're friends

  2. Love tea! My fave is English Breakfast with a little honey and milk. What's Kat's favorite?