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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Blessing of the Size 6 Dress

I have a gorgeous Banana Republic dress that my sassy mother in law, Trudy got me, many moons ago, for a friend's wedding. I'll post pictures of it later, but in case I forget, it's this glorious navy and white polka dotted strapless number and, as you can tell from the title of this post, it's a size 6.

July 2009, I got pregnant and decided to eat myself stupid. I gained 45lbs during my pregnancy, lost 20lbs right away, lost 10 more after going back to work and removing my big butt from the kitchen, fridge, pantry, etc, and then had 10 that just sorta... hung around.

You can ask anyone who knows me, I am a very active girl, but being a mom means less time to yourself, and being a working mom means even LESS time than that, so if any sort of wrench is thrown into the machine of the day, the workout is the first thing to go.

And then those pregnancy cravings I had, and always caved in to, never actually leave once the baby leaves your belly, so there's been a struggle to realize, even after 15 months, that no, no I do not need cake, pie, cookies, brownies, fudge, ice cream, etc.

I did this crap while breastfeeding for a year too, listening to all who would say you can eat whatever you want while nursing, the milk production alone burns 500 calories a day. Well, sure it does, so if you eat what an average woman should, 1500 - 1800 calories daily, then yeah, breastfeeding will help you lose the weight in a healthfully-paced way. Buuuuut, if you are drinking wine again (once my only vice) AND eating sweets, and thinking you can eat like a trucker just because you're nursing, it will never go anywhere.

Anyways. So I kept losing the same three pounds, and now after about a month of really dedicating the time to working out five days a week, and corking the wine bottle during the week, I'm looking and feeling a lot better. The scale is still a lying slut who tells you one thing one moment and another thing the next, but today...

Today I was blessed by the dress.

We have a wedding coming up, Todd's uncle Steve is tying the knot to a lovely lady, Chris, and soon we'll be taking a week to go party down with them in California (land of the thin chicks). I was somewhat nervous about what to wear because of the aforementioned cookies, calories and wine buzzes, but today, on a lark, to see just how really gross I was, to see if I was as far away from my goal weight as I thought I was, and also because I'm sort of a masochist, I tried it on. I had a moment of panic when the thing was tight while coming up over my hips, but when that ordeal was over and I had the dress in place, I went to hook the little hook thing together at the top.

It hooked.


It hooked.

So then I was like "Ok, ok, so I am not as far gone as I feared. This is wonderful. Now I wonder how much longer/how many more pounds it will take to get this fucker to zip."

It zipped.


It zipped! It's a little snug but the last time I wore it it was a little snug, so aside from some thigh/love handle issues, I'm pretty damn close to where I was B.P.P. (before pregnancy pig out)! Bless the dress because the dress blessed me!

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