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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The California Howdy

There are so many aspects of our recent trip to California I want to discuss. But first, we'll discuss the quirky, the weirdos and the douche bags. The douche bag who gave me the California Howdy (over his five year old child's head) after I yelled at him for running a red light on a left hand turn, after enough people had done the same crime before him that the idiot was stuck in the intersection, unfortunately didn't get a photo because I was too busy shaking and crying after being stuck in the car for an hour in order to drive three miles. Oh, California. I give you your own howdy, right back. Anyways, on to the stars.

Sex God:

This love machine was bicycling in Yuma, AZ on a day that had to have topped 110.

Douche Bags:

These fly motherfuckers were so hard in their Polos, plaid baseball hats and gangster rap.

Creepy Bum:

This guy was a creep. I couldn't tell if he was after my money or my food. Seaport Village really draws the riff raff, you know?


Look, I myself am a huge ham but I have a feeling this guy is trying to get laid by being unique. And I don't think it's working.

Wild Woman:

This is my mother in law and if she ever finds my blog she is going to kill me.

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