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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Admiral Adama and NASCAR and the dream that combined them.

I mentioned the other day that I got Todd, for his 32nd birthday, an Admiral Adama action figure (a much kinder  description than "doll" I think) and an autographed photo of the actor who plays him on Battlestar Galactica. Well, I also got him a NASCAR ride along up in Phoenix, and while it doesn't seem like those things have much in common, they are indeed connected.

Many, many moons ago, Todd had a hilarious dream: he found himself on a racetrack and there were a few awesome sexy old Mustangs just WAITING to be raced on this track. So naturally Todd hops into one and starts his engine. But who was there to race? All of a sudden, Admiral Adama comes roaring up the track, screeching to a halt beside Todd's car but facing the opposite way. Todd asks something to the effect of "Are we supposed to start here or, where?" and Adama, in his classic characteristic growl, says "How many laps do you wanna get in?" and with that, he takes off. Todd flips a bitch and roars after him....

And there the dream ends. He said it was one of those rad dreams that just makes you super happy when you wake up, but also sort of sad that it ended.

Cut to me, Awesome Wife, who stored this information in her head. I would get an Adama action figure, have Todd carry it in his pocket while zipping around a race track in, if not a vintage Mustang, the next best thing: a NASCAR race car.  I looked around online and found Richard Petty's Driving Experience, which sells all sorts of NASCAR ride along packages, and for quite the pretty penny, packages where you can drive a race car yourself. I'm a good wife, but I'm not a rich one, so I opted for a $60 3-lap ride along. By the time we got to the race track, heard the revving of engines and the roaring of cars zipping around and around, Todd had convinced me to ride along as well, and I'm so glad he did. It was terrifying and three laps were more than enough for me, but it was such an unbelievable experience, and not something you do every day.

Please ignore the sexy due in the background, and focus on the sexy dude and sexy mama in the foreground. 


And Todd is off like a prom dress!

There he goes! We forgot the Adama doll but I'm sure he was there in spirit. I had written to Edward James Olmos asking for an autographed photo that said "How many laps do you want to get in?" and I also invited him to join us that Saturday but he couldn't make it. I guess he figured he had better shit to do or something. And he did send us a photo, but it came months and months later, and just said Todd's name, his name and Admiral Adama, but it was still one of the raddest ideas I've ever had. Now, how the hell am I going to top this next year?

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