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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Aleve: Saint and Savior

As you may well know, Todd, Alex and I just got back from a week long trip to California to celebrate, attend, and in Todd's case, participate in his uncle Steve's wedding to his gorgeous, fabulous bride, Chris. It was a whirlwind of a week. Rehearsal, rehearsal dinner party, wedding, post wedding party, trips to the beach, trips to Balboa park, trips to Hotel Del Coronado, trips to Trader Joes and Vons, more trips to Trader Joe's and Vons because you forgot stuff, trips to Hodad's, etc etc.

And as some of you may well know, traveling with a toddler is insanity even if the child is an absolute angel the entire time, like Alex was (except for the minor tantrums in the car, but who likes being strapped in a car seat for seven hours, no one, that's who). It's not just "Let's grab a towel and go to the beach!" Oh no. It's "Lets grab the diapers, wipes, sunscreen, swim diaper, extra disposable swim diapers just in case (of what I don't know), a baby towel, another outfit, a hoodie in case it's cold, a hat in case she forgets that she hates hats and actually wears it, a sippie of water, a sippie of milk in case she forgets that she hates it and actually drinks it, a fruit pouch, a second fruit pouch in case it's all she'll eat, healthy snacks for baby, shoes for baby since she's walking now, toys in case she has a melt down due to boredom, toys to keep her occupied in the car, oh god, did we forget the Trader Joe's cheese puffs she loves so much? Where the fuck is the grown up sunscreen spray? Did you get my towel? Did I shave my bikini line? WHERE DID ALEX oh there she is. Are we ready? Where are you?"

And we actually travel light compared to most parents. Anyways, like I said, it's freaking exhausting. Not physically so much as mentally, trying to plan for the best but also all the back up plans for when it inevitably falls apart due to it taking an hour to travel three goddamn miles in this godforsaken state.

But, add to that the horrible cold you get towards the end of the trip. Now, traveling becomes an utter nightmare. I wasn't feeling well all Monday, and knew it was happening. And then yep, Tuesday, the day we left for home, I woke up with a horrible sore throat. I woke up with aches and pains. I woke up with a headache. I woke up and all I could say was "death" or something more gutteral, more primal, more pained.

In steps Aleve! This stuff, specifically the liquid gels, is the sole reason I made it back to Tucson without dying (despite the several times I groaned "death"). I still felt sick, but could swallow without much pain, had no aches or pains, and the shit seriously lasted all. damn. day. I've never experienced that before, and honestly, the few times I've taken Aleve tablets (little white ones), they never really worked.

But THIS stuff... this stuff got me home, helped me help Todd unpack the car and put shit away, helped me to Trader Joe's AND Fry's to acquire the sustenance to feed my family for the week, helped me put it all away, helped me make dinner, start the 2892735 loads of laundry we had, shower and fall into bed.

THEN, on Wednesday, it helped me complete the 2892735 loads of laundry, clean the house, chase a toddler around, get chased by a toddler, fold all the laundry, cook dinner, and blog. It is a wonder drug, AND it doesn't go through the liver so it also helped me drink a lot of white wine to cover up the Aleve comedown.

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