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Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Kick Your Own Ass

I ate myself stupid on vacation and with the exception of a solitary two mile run in San Diego, I didn't work out for two weeks. Now I feel gross, puffy and out of whack. Today starts Back on the Straight and Narrow for both my diet and my workouts.

I love working out and missed it profusely, but even for those of you who loathe the gym, I found two great workout routines that absolutely slay me, in a good way, don't require a gym and take less than 30 minutes even if you do them back to back. You can do all of these workouts at home and with the exception of a medicine ball (which can be easily replaced with any heavy-ish household item), there are no accessories needed. And since they're quick and explosive, they're also really fun.

Here's the first one. I've done it before and then followed up with this beast, also from Women's Health Magazine, and I have to tell you, for the first time in years, since I started exercising actually, my CALVES were sore. I'm used to sore quads, hips, abs, arms and back but never calves. I was blown away. I did a handful of moves from the first workout on Thursday, and didn't get the soreness in my calves (but my quads are STILL dying) so it could have been something in the second workout or just the miraculous combination of both workouts back to back that kicked my ass the way it did.

I hope you all enjoy those workouts and the strength you'll gain from having done them. Now pass me a margarita and some salty snacks, will ya?

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