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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch

Going out to lunch with girlfriends probably sounds boring to men, or expensive to husbands. But to us ladies, we know the decadence, the delight, the luxury, of getting together for a delicious summer lunch, perhaps dining al fresco. Of course, here in the desert during 102 degree days, it's best to eat in:

Make sure to bring a Pillow Pet!

Now sometimes it's nice to splurge on a glass of pinot grigio, or perhaps share an ultra-sinful dessert like triple chocolate cake. Other times, it feels better to stick with a simple fruit salad, and perhaps some Dino chicken nuggets:

After all, there is nothing wrong about keeping fiber and protein in the headlines, right? But even if you do decide to throw caution to the wind and order the filet mignon with a side of tiramisu, there's always a nice long afternoon of window shopping to burn the excess calories. Or if you're really wild, there's always the trampoline.

Nothing quite like bouncing the day away with a good girlfriend.

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