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Friday, August 12, 2011

Run Girl Run

Patton and I ran two miles on Wednesday to replace the pilates workout I gave up on after only 10 minutes. We added a different part of the neighborhood to our run, too, which was really exciting. I have to do that sort of thing more often because it is so nice getting to look at different houses and landscaping.

Anyways, it was so fun that we (ok, I) decided the two of us should run a 5k yesterday afternoon. The weather was overcast and breezy, my legs were feeling good despite the asphalt run of the previous day (my tendons get worked up very easily when I run outside), Patton was stoked, and it was all around a great idea.

Cute factor: When Alexandra saw Patton and I leashed up and ready to rock, she walked to her stroller, thinking it was time for our nightly dog walk. So cute!

Anyways, we completed the run but as someone who, for physical-limitation reasons, does the majority of her runs on a treadmill, it still came as a surprise to feel how exhausting it is to run outside. I do the typical treadmill incline setting of 1.0 because no true surface in nature or even in urban environs is completely flat. But the slightest gust of wind coming fully into your face is enough to drag your pace down. Way down.

It was still great though, and I did it in less than, or just around, 30 minutes which is good. That's where I was, time wise, in 2008 before my 5k race. But it is making me realize I'm going to have to stomach at least one outdoor 5k every week if I'm even wishing to beat my PR of 25:11. Because damn if my face wasn't beet red, my legs were exhausted and the dog was a full 6' leash length behind me by the time we chugged into the front yard. We staggered inside, Patton immediately drank half a bowl of toilet water, and I lurched into Alexandra's room to "play" which really means I stood, bent over at the waist, with my face directly in front of her stand up fan while she played around me.

5k here I come! Gulp...

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