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Friday, June 29, 2012


1. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split! I am so happy for her. Normally, Hollywood divorces, especially when children are involved, make me very sad. But due to Tom Cruise's utter creep factor and his spooky Scientology hard-on, I am just so happy Katie is getting out of there. I hope she wins full custody of Suri like she wants. I feel like such a loser for writing about this, but it's on my mind and won't get out.

2. My forearms are freaking blasted from this week's Wednesday Workout! God, burpees are intense. I highly recommend giving that workout a try or at the very least, throwing it at least three sets of 10 burpees between moves in your regular workout. Speaking of workouts, I only got in three this week and thanks to the pizza I had for lunch yesterday and the fast food breakfast I had this morning, I feel like a lardass. Next week, DO ALL THE WORKOUTS!

3. Hey people who wink: CUT IT OUT. I hate it. Unless you are 85 and a grandpa (yes both are required), it is creepy and gross and perverted. It doesn't convey charm or openness or swagger, it is just lame as hell. Each wink is like a bee sting to my senses.

4. Last night Todd and I had salmon burgers and it made me realize that there are people out there who do not know about these blessed creations. So I share them with you. They are Trident Salmon Burgers and we get them at Costco but I am sure they exist in other locations. Try that link, the website has an online store. Not sure how well frozen salmon patties travel but I'm sure they figured that shit out. After all, refrigerated train cars were invented like three hundred years ago.

5. I finished editing my book! I even drafted my first query letter. Of course, after doing that I realized it would add depth AND length (oh god am I talking about sex right now?) if I added the POV of one of the main characters. Then I realized that if I'm serious about publishing it, I should probably get some books and research life in the 1500s for the flashback scene. And then I had to change the names of three of my characters and thanks to one character's nickname being Eli, MS Word changed ALL the "eli"s in the story. Like "believe" for example. It was just one big clusterfuck. So now on top of research and more writing, I also have to comb through 70k words to manually change all the names that need replacing.  But, hey! Bright side is, I did all the editing!

6. I should really have a Randoms tag, I think.

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