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Saturday, June 9, 2012

1st Annual Girls Weekend Getaway

It only took me all week to write about it but here we go!

I had the idea, many, many moons ago, to get a big group of us to stay at one of the casinos here in town. It'd be liking going to Vegas but for way cheaper, even though the odds are crappier here than in Vegas. Anyways, that idea didn't pan out, but it spawned another one: a girls only night in one of Tucson's illustrious resorts. No cooking, cleaning, babies, no alarm clocks. No boys, either! We'd lay out by the pool, we'd go out to dinner, we'd just have fun. The idea stuck and grew into fruition, and I'm happy to say that the First Annual Girls Weekend Getaway was a hit.

On board were Allison, Amanda, Amber and Kendra. The five of us were ready for some easy living. We spent Saturday night up at Ventana Canyon resort and I think we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We lounged poolside...

Had an amazing view (no, not of the dude in the middle of the pool).

We read hilarious excerpts from 50 Shades of Grey on an iPad. Well, I read one sex scene using a valley girl voice for Anastasia and the voice Todd made up for Patton for Christian Grey. Which worked out really well.

And we enjoyed poolside drinks!

After lots of giggles and pool time, we readied ourselves for dinner.

Just because it's a husband free weekend doesn't mean you need to hide your legs!

The cabbie inexplicably offered us Trader Joe's organic lollipops. I myself am a rabid fan and I had no qualms snagging the lemon one.

The cabbie took us to this Italian place that, due to our insane experience, will remain unnamed. Oh hell with it, it was Piazza Gavi. Our waitress was absolutely shitfaced drunk or high, slurring her words and lacking the ability to make prolonged eye contact. I had to plunge the toilet myself when it wasn't working, and then to top it off, Amber found our waitress throwing up in the ladies room. But on the positive side, we made two tables leave our area of the patio due to our shrieks of laughter, and you really can't go wrong with that.

We went for a couple of drinks at a couple of bars, and then headed back to the hotel. Amber, Allison and Amanda snuggled up together and watched Teen Witch and Kendra and I went swimming until 4am because we're absolutely stupid.

The next day was champagne brunch! The spread was unbelievable. Outside there was a grilling station with steaks made to order, prime rib, salmon, chicken, veggies and fruit, potato salads, mac and cheese, salad... Inside, there was seafood and sushi, traditional fare like bacon and home fries, eggs Benedict, an omelet station, cheeses and fruits, pasta salads, and did I forget to mention the three long tables full of dessert?

Long story short: It was an amazing weekend. I can't wait to do it again next year, with more of our girlfriends, I hope. And, to be honest, more sleeping and less swimming. I wouldn't even mind just eating at the hotel and going straight from swimsuit to stretchy pants and no bra.

But having said all that, when the night ends up with this sort of sass...

...I'd say we hit it out of the park.

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