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Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday is Family Day.

Due to the nature of Todd's job, AKA being self employed in real estate, he is able to watch Alexandra during the days I work. I work three days a week. This leaves him with only two weekdays to get all of his stuff done. Before you start thinking that being in real estate makes him some sort of Big Boss Man, let me enlighten you. He himself describes it best: he's a glorified trash man. People bail out on their rent, and bail out on Todd and he is left to literally clean up the mess. There's lots of re-tiling, re-carpeting, hauling out mattresses, busting up couches, fixing toilets, repairing electrical issues, painting apartments, and sometimes replacing refrigerators when the asshole tenant SELLS HIS FRIDGE in a yard sale. Yeah that really happened.

Anyways, before I start ranting and raving about how poorly Todd and his properties have been treated in the last several years, let me get back on track. With only two days during the week to work without having to drag Alexandra along (she is already a regular at the bank, the post office and Home Depot), he has no choice but to also work on Saturdays.

I am not complaining about the fact that we don't need daycare, or the fact that this schedule makes it possible for me to work just three days a week. But it's sad because six days of the week we don't see each other a lot. Todd is gone from morning til 5pm or later on the days I'm home with Alex. It gets kind of lonely, to be honest.

So that is why Sundays are sacred family days! We get to spend time together as a family. It's such a nice thing, to have Todd home at the same time that I am. To not have one of us bustling out the door in the mornings, going to work, to just hang out together as a family, is just so wonderful.

Yesterday we decided to go to a nearby park's Splash Pad so Alex could run around in the water. For those who aren't accustomed to a splash pad, it's basically a big cemented area, fenced off and completely enclosed, with big water features like big gushing fountains burbling right out of the floor, or big buckets high up that slowly fill with water and tip over once they're full. There are big arches you can run through while getting sprayed and it's just a lot of fun.

Also, CHAOS. Todd and Alex were both overwhelmed in the beginning and I was taken aback by the overpowering scent of bleach in the air. Which was totally necessary especially as a little boy came running towards Alex and me holding his wang out of his suit, peeing, heading for the drain in the center. Um, gross. But soon, and on her own time and in her own way, Alex warmed up to not only the huge crowd but also to the water features. Soon we had a soaked little girl who was having a blast.

Afterwards, we hung out in the neighboring field and Todd and Alex ran around playing together. There was toddler-tossing...

A rowdy game of Chicken...

And Alex chasing daddy.

And it just melted my heart, watching my beautiful family have fun on a beautiful summer day. Alex in her diaper, barefoot and wild, squealing with joy and shrieking in delight as her daddy chased her, tickled her, and tossed her into the sky.

We may only get one day a week, but we try to guarantee quality every time.

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