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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Beat Goes On.

Not musical beats, but the pounding beat of my feet hitting the treadmill last night. It's been three months to the DAY since I last ran three miles, and that day was March 25th, the day of my triathlon. My knee was complaining a LOT, which I've posted about before, but now I can finally achieve a pain-free run, so long as it's on the treadmill. I may never comfortably run outside with any regularity, at least if I don't get my knee checked out. Which I should do. But like I said, it's not my actual knee, it's the bone beneath it, where the tendon connects to my shin. It's raised and while it doesn't hurt today thanks to an icing session last night, it typically does when I press on the area, wear high heels for a while, or sit Indian style too long.

Sounds lovely, right?

It just felt so good to run last night. I had a good weight lifting session before so I was fired up, but I was also SO nervous it would hurt. Last week I did two miles on the treadmill and was so psyched. I am hoping I can just slowly get back into doing a run 2x a week, replacing the bike. I love biking but I am convinced, CONVINCED that biking is what exacerbated the issue.

There's also the issue of the training regimen I was doing. It was a 12 week program but I gave myself almost twice as long to get ready, and so I did a very intense schedule for like 22 weeks. I guess that should be my cautionary tale to all of you out there who want to participate in a vigorous event like a triathlon or a marathon: Don't overdo it, or else the event will take things from you. I still don't resent doing the triathlon but I was doing four mile runs outside, you guys, before the training. I miss those runs.

I could have joined a triathlon training group but call me antisocial or a bitch or whatever, but I rather enjoyed doing it all by myself. Also the meeting places were SO FAR AWAY and also the Tri Girls person I talked to at the triathlon was sort of a know-it-all bitch and there is only room for one know-it-all bitch in my life and that is me.

Anyways, I think two runs in two weeks is a sign that I'll be reclaiming the run this summer. I feel like I'm my old self again while running, breathing to the time of my own footfalls, back straight and shoulders loose, arms moving at a minimum, lift with your hips, don't lift those feet too high, don't waste energy. Run. Run. Run. Reclaim the run.

And that feels like its own accomplishment right there, in and of itself. I trained, completed a triathlon, and gave myself some time to heal. But if I'm going to do the Color Run in Phoenix in January, and the Warrior Dash while possibly pregnant next spring, then I have work to do. And icing to do. And a Rolfing appointment to make. And some asses to kick, names to take, etc etc.

The beat goes on.

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  1. Wait wait wait... "possibly pregnant in the spring"?? Yay!