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Monday, June 4, 2012


This past weekend, four of my friends and I enjoyed the First Annual Girls Weekend Getaway. We stayed at Ventana Canyon, the same resort Todd and I went to last year to celebrate our anniversary. It was an absolute blast. We lounged poolside, giggling at some of the more colorful guests and sipping cocktails. We got dolled up and went, via Party Cab, to a restaurant and a couple of bars. Then Allison, Amanda and Amber watched Teen Witch in bed together while Kendra and I wisely decided to go sneak down to the pool and swim from 1am to 4am, then eat room service sandwiches while watching the last scene of Babe (the pig movie) before collapsing.

I intend to blog more about it and post photos from our getaway, because today's post is not really about the weekend. I am so, so tired from what was supposed to be a restful weekend, and I think it affected my dreams last night. I dreamed crazy shit all night long but perhaps the most amusing dream segment was when I was shopping for a new lipstick at Target.

Instead of the usual aisles though there was a big section of the store dedicated to makeup and it was set up like a boutique. There was even a saleswoman and it was Tina Fey! Interesting! Even crazier was that the specific lipstick I wanted was only 9.79 or something, and then when I went to check out, first off Tina Fey tried to up the cost. The total came out to like, 24 bucks. I corrected her, she adjusted the price, and then the total came out to a still whopping 21 dollars. I became indignant!

Then Tina Fey told me how the tube I bought was actually BIGGER than the one I saw on display. Then I opened the one I purchased only to discover that there was also an eyelash comb in there. Don't ask how the mechanism worked but it also turned out that the lipstick had to be applied with a small lip brush. I started flipping out on Tina Fey and how she was taking advantage of me, how my husband was not going to appreciate a 20 dollar lipstick and how not everyone is a goddamn TV star who can afford this shit. I guess I got so worked up that the dream switched.

I was then living on the same street of my old apartment that I lived in before marrying Todd. Except it was more like a horse stall, or like a dressing room, sitting on the sidewalk than anything else. I was trying to change into my gym clothes but there were no ceilings and the walls weren't very high and I just felt awkward.

Anyways, I guess the moral of the story is to get lots of rest and not go swimming til 4am on a Saturday night. It's a bizarre feeling, waking up with a mysterious, irrational anger towards Tina Fey.

I still want that lipstick from the display case!

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