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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Sock Bun!

I have pretty thin hair. A lot of it, yeah, but it's very fine, so my updos are always somewhat lacking. I always stare with envy when a girl has a huge sexy messy bun, or a big plump braid trailing down her back. I have a few girlfriends who have epic hair, too. It makes me go sad face when I think of my lame ass hair. I really only know two ways to style it: straightener or curling iron. But not anymore! I have the SOCK BUN!

I am a major fan of The Berry and there was a post of all the readers' fabulous hair. I scrolled through looking for some tips or SOME other way to do my hair and one woman had a big old bun like mine in the pic above and thank GOD she said, at the end "thank goodness for the sock bun!" because suddenly it dawned on me that I am likely not alone in this world and that all those babes running around with huge updos are probably using something sneaky to achieve the look.

NOW I AM ONE OF THOSE BABES. A sock bun thing can be made by taking an old, clean sock, cutting off the toe and rolling it into a donut. Then you put your hair in a high ponytail, and string it through the donut. Pull the donut to the tips of your hair and spread the hair all around it to cover the surface. Then, tucking the strands in as you go, roll the donut slowly towards your head, making sure to spread the hair evenly around it. BOOM. You don't even need any fucking hairpins! This shit is genius!

So in case there are other ladies out there who didn't know this existed, or any hipster men who want to achieve the man bun with epic results, I give you: The Sock Bun. Now the sock I used wasn't dark enough and if my hair wasn't perfectly spread out it showed, so I took black yarn and wrapped the sock donut thing around it and now it's perfectly incognito. Woohoo!

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