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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Workout!

I thought it might be fun to share a typical week's worth of workouts for triathlon training. This offers everyone a little bit of something. If you love to swim, bike or run, you'll find something fun here.

This is from Week 9 out of a 12 week program.

Day 1: 40 minute swim

Warm-up:    3x100y nice and easy (15 seconds rest)
Workout:     4x300y, energy output at a 2 out of 4* (30 seconds rest)
Cool-down: 6x50y nice and easy (10 seconds rest)

TOTAL: 1800 yards

*1 being easy, 4 being full blown maximum effort

Day 2: 35 minute run

Warm-up:    10 minutes nice and easy, 6 accelerations
Workout:     15 minutes of intervals. 6x2 minutes with 30 seconds recovery. Keep the pickups below level 4
Drills:           2x30 seconds of each drill (butt kicks, high knees and side running on each side)
Cool-down: 10 minutes easy

Day 3: 50 minute stationary bike

Warm-up:    15 minutes nice and easy
Workout:     5x1 minute Small Gear Drill (put the resistance very, very low - make sure not to bounce in your seat); start first minute rep at 5RPM lower than normal cadence. Lower the resistance with each successive minute; 1 minute recovery between; 2x2 minutes of Large Gear Drills (put the resistance very, very high); you should be at least 20RPM lower than normal cadence; with 1 minute recovery between; 5x1 minute SGD fast spinning; try to keep effort at a 3 or 4 for all intervals.
Cool-down: 10 minutes easy

Day 4: 40 minute swim

Warm-up:    3x100y nice and easy (15 seconds rest)
Workout:     7x100y at a low effort level 3 (15 seconds rest); easy 100y; 7x50y at medium/high 3 (10  seconds rest); easy 100y; 7x25y at a effort level 4 (5 seconds rest)
Cool-down: 300y nice and easy, take a break if you need to

Total: 2025 yards

Day 5: Rest Day

Day 6: Transition Workout!

Bike:                   75 minute ride at effort level 1 or 2
Run:                    10 minute run immediately after the bike ride
Optional Swim:   15 minutes or so. Short and easy; practice drills or do a few laps.

Day 7: Long Run

60 minute run, nice and easy. Stay aerobic.

Now I will say that I rarely achieved a full six workout week, because it was just impossible with Todd's work and kung fu schedule, Alexandra in the mix, and then also to avoid injury. But this is exactly what was in The Complete Idiot's Guide to Triathlon Training. 


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