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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review: Girls

Ok, fine, I admit it, I freaking loved Sex And The City. I watched every single episode. I love all four characters and the first movie (I refuse to see the second one, after learning that Carrie is basically rewarded with a diamond after cheating on her husband - that ruins it for me).

So I figured I'd give Girls a try. People were calling it the down to earth version of my beloved SATC, the more realistic side to living in NYC. Ok, great! So one afternoon while Alex napped I watched it online.

I hated it. Well, the first episode wasn't hate-worthy, but all of the characters were. I don't even know their names, but in one episode we have an intern who tries to get hired and instead gets let go, naturally right after her parents pull the financial plug on her.

So of course this is the time to go have incredibly awkward, visually disgusting sex with a man who won't text her back. Not grab her laptop and go fire off resumes to every company in the city. Not march into a restaurant, bar, cafe, what EVER to get at least some sort of job secured.

Then because she's so busy getting negged by this guy, she is hours late to her BFF's dinner party thrown for horrible people who then cook opium tea, which our heroine of course drinks in order to get the courage up to visiting her parents' hotel room to insist she deserves 1200 bucks a month for two years to, what? Fuck this guy and do these drugs and then collapse on their hotel room floor?

The next day, having been left in their bed (where did THEY sleep?), she then takes the housekeeping's tip money and leaves to go stagger around the city.

Her friends aren't much better. The pretty "sweet" one is in a loveless relationship with a man who adores her yet she doesn't want to dump him. So later when she gives sound advice (get a job), it just doesn't resonate because hey, you make shitty choices too.

Don't get me started on the British bohemian who is knocked up and doesn't want to, or her annoying, Sex And The City-obsessed cousin/roommate is. I understand it was a way to show the ~omg differences~ between SATC and "real life" but who the fuck drinks opium tea and how is that realistic?

That was the first episode. I soldiered on, giving it my fairest shot, but when the second episode begins with such a nauseating, awkward, condescending, bullying sort of sex scene between the jobless wonder and her creepy, ugly, freaky booty call, I just closed the window and shut the computer down. It was enough for me.

A cast of unlikeable characters, non-profound conversations and seriously, zero lines that struck me as humorous or wise or ANYTHING other than empty-headed whining makes me grade this series with a D.

I guess the thing that made SATC work for me was the lack of reality. But even in Girls, their world of so called reality seems tinged with lunacy, idiocy, borderline sociopathic behaviors and leaves me wondering how they even like each other, because I sure as shit don't.

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